Thursday, December 07, 2006


I've got through my first draft of this CKMS4D paper. But after getting some feedback it seems I need to focus for another while or so to have it be a stronger offering. I still figured I should get this first release out and see what, if any, feedback I may get.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Thank you for sharing your paper – good work.

There are few points, related to the things presented in my blog post, which I think are critical for the success of Community Knowledge Management systems.

* The services provided (in the first stage) should be very focused. The benefits of using them should be obvious for the users: employment service, for sale, housing, events, community news etc.

* One should use – as much as possible – technology that is already in the hands of the people. This is why the services should work with simple mobile phones.

* The service should respect already existing conventions of using the technology. There should be as little as possible need to learn new ways of using technology. This is why the services should be primary audio services.

* After the basic service (community news, classified adds, etc.) people may invent new ways of using the system.

- Teemu

Ismael said...

Hi Peter,

Long since last walk together on Millennium Bridge (the one that took more to build than whole Vancouver ;)

Really enjoyed your paper!

BTW, if I'm not wrong, the date for "Information Technologies Group. (n.d.). Readiness for the Networked World: A Guide for Developing Countries." is year 2000.