Thursday, January 04, 2007

I’ve chosen Ubuntu

I’ve chosen Ubuntu linux as the OS for this Moodle project. Why Ubuntu? A number of reasons;
  1. There has been a lot of positive buzz about Ubuntu on slashdot and other locations
  2. Getting started is really easy, I also visited the redhat, suse and BSD sites and found the Ubuntu site provided the easiest UI. (I believe a products website / UI says a lot about the product.) I will also admit it was a toss up with OpenBSD…
  3. I like the idea of supporting a Linux product from the African continent
  4. I like their idea of a version specifically for education
  5. Their support seems to be consistent and integrated across versions and releases
The server end-point is a LAMP server. So once I have all this up and running, I’ll make another post regarding the experience.