Monday, April 21, 2008

WEEK 7: Bowen Island, BC, CANADA

For this weeks activity I took a photo from the window of my house, recorded a short description of the photo using audacity, save the audio file to an ogg format and uploaded both these digital objects to the wiki commons.
  1. The photo: TheLionsVancouver.jpg
  2. The audio: BowenIslandView.ogg
  3. The location: Longitude: -123.347626 latitude: 47.570178
What I found most interesting about this activity was how I could only upload ogg audio files to the wiki commons and how you were forced to choose a licensing model if you wanted your content not to be deleted from the wiki commons.

1 comment:

Isä said...

Nice audio / image post!

I just wrote to Keith’s blog how his little audio and the image could be used in language learning.

Same goes with your post! There is a great accent - different from Keith’s, interesting story and a lot of details to pay attention to.

As soon as I'll have more time I will do the listening comprehension exercise out of these audios and the images to LeMill.

- Teemu