Thursday, October 02, 2008

6:48.68 vs 0:32.36

It was just getting way to frustrating. Wanting to just quickly check my email between tasks, somewhere between putting some finish to the new windows and picking up the boy from pre-school. Booting the computer, then loading Outlook and hitting send/receive, was no longer something I could do between tasks. So I got into the habit of doing the quick check on the cell phone. Then I started to wonder what is the difference in time? So here are the timings, and the cell phone could have lapped the PC 12 times;

Laptop (6:48.68 minutes)
  1. press the ON button
  2. load XP
  3. login
  4. load Outlook
  5. press Send/Recieve
Nokia (0:32.36 minutes)
  1. press the ON button
  2. load Symbian
  3. load mobile gmail app
  4. accept network login
Another communication task moved from the computer to the cell phone. How long will it be before I no longer need the computer at all?