Monday, January 23, 2012

The days first task
Seth Godin often prompts me to think different. And this morning was no different, he essentially asked the question "what do you do when you start your working day?" Do you consume online media or do you create. I believe the morning sets the tone for the day so how you start is important, and most days I start by consuming online media. This has got to change for me. I consider myself a creative and I need to seize this important and productive time to create something. This is how I intend to flip my mornings around, I will start my daily online activity with an act of creation. Depending on the time available it will either be;
  • with a short time, I will reflect upon my learning and my professional life and post a tweet that I believe would have value to those who follow me.
  • with a longer time, I will use a pomodoro to add to my blog.
I will consume online media through-out the day using my netbook or smartphone. This is what I do already, so... I hope this new way of starting the day will add to the collective intelligence of everyone's day rather than my just lurking within the collective stream.