Saturday, November 24, 2012

OER + OAA² Slide Stack

As an outlier, I still believe the current innovations within education are off target. I think all the disruption is good, but the real innovation is in breaking the emancipation of learning from the institution.

This isn't to say that institutions aren't still good places to learn, its just an institutional approach should no longer be considered the first or only approach to learning.

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Dethe Elza said...

This is good stuff, Peter. Next time you are in Vancouver I'd love to talk more about it, and tell you about the high school I attended. In its day the Cleveland Urban Learning Community (CULC) was the longest-running resource-oriented high school in the US (it lasted 12 years, I attended the final 3). We had a fairly specific definition of "resource" as a person in the community who can help students with learning in a one-on-one setting. Learning itself was very open to interpretation, but we were accredited and did have to fulfill the standard Ohio curriculum, we just had a lot of leeway on how to do that. I see parallels in what you are working on here.