Saturday, March 09, 2013

Book Review: Buccaneer Scholar

This book hit a home run for me in many ways;
  1. it chose a buccaneer (sailing) theme
  2. it told a good story with good imagery
  3. it challenged the status quo in education with personal evidence
  4. it provided a map to the self-directed learner
  5. it recognized the importance of organizing your learning goals
  6. it offers the adult learner an alternative
  7. it shows a life can be great, with amazing achievements, without a formal education
  8. it is inspiring to think what James has achieved through self-education
What Buccaneer Scholar did best is got to the root of it all by driving home the point that scholarship is about learning, personal learning. True scholarship is not about the certificates and institutional recognition but about learning new things, deepening your own knowledge, and being able to take on new challenges due to your ability to learn, with little or no guidance. In the end learning is about personal fulfilment, personal commitment, finding a satisfactory way to make a living, and honouring your life's journey!

Thanks James!