Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Agile Database Techniques

One in every 10 technical books I read is different from the rest.  And recently I’ve read some good ones, in general they all lived up to my expectations.  These books include;
The book that stood out was titled Agile Database Techniques by Scott Ambler.  Why did it stand out? It exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a database book that spoke to normalization, solid lifecycle and building a database schema that could accommodate agile developers.  What I got was a book describing agile methodologies applied to database design, development and maintenance. Databases, database administrators (DBAs) and the enterprise culture around database development doesn’t traditionally lend itself to agile methodologies.  This book addresses this gap and has chapters dedicated to it. The book is a mature look at how agile techniques can be applied to using relational database technologies within agile development teams. All agile team members should read this book.