Friday, April 21, 2006

Critical Technology Defined

After some reflection I am going to create my first statement defining Critical Technology as I believe it to be.
Fundamentally it will be based upon Critical Pedagogy. I believe the use of technology within education should be from the grass roots (meaning; those who are using the technology, the "students"). How the technology should be used is defined by the students and the teachers well versed with the critical technology approach.
More on all this after I have completed my research. Currently, I'm reading some books, papers and watching some videos. When significant pieces of information form I will write a post in this stream of conciousness blog.

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Will Zell said...

I like that definition. I run into one difficulty with it and that is when I consider the concept of teacher/student - student/teacher or in other words a lifelong learner. As a high school teacher I often experience a feeling of equality in the classroom whereby we are all involved in this exploration of what different media and technology means to us. I favor an approach to integrating technology into our learning process where there is a discussion with all of its users and possibly through this discussion a consensus is formed to utilize one thing or another.

Will Zell