Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Community Knowledge Management

I've created a concept map for my latest research topic of; Community Knowledge Management Systems for Development (CKMS4D).

ABSTRACT: This article describes the resources and approach required to build a Community Knowledge Management System (CKMS) in rural developing communities. The increased availability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) through telecentres, cellular telephones, rural wireless networks and community schools have increased the likelihood of partnerships successfully creating community repositories of indigenous knowledge. Through the use of free open source software (FOSS), access to the multimedia of video recorders, audio recorders and digital photography combined with the increasing knowledge of how to use these technologies makes a CKMS within reach for many developing communities. Having the methods to gather, store, retrieve and distribute community knowledge through local partnerships and emerging ICT further reduces the knowledge divide. This article reviews development efforts in India, Uganda and ?? to provide further insight into the creation of a CKMS through community partnerships and the utilization of digital resources.


wanie said...

hi... love to read your research info, i want to share with you, i have to do research for Sport In Knowledge Management System. i love if u can give me some opinion.... :-)


Andy said...

This concept map showing how IT/Web 2.0 tools can support KM could be useful to someone working with rural communities. However, your treatment of non-IT KM (e.g. CoPs) appears to be top-level only. I'd like to know how your approach has turned out so far.

Peter Rawsthorne said...

Andy, thanks for asking. The idea of IT-KM systems was not directly addresses as I was wanting to advocate for the IT infrastructure to support the grassroots development of a community of practice (CoP). I wrote a paper regarding this subject where I make reference to the CoP. As I believe that this would be a good KM structure for the development of a rural Community Knowledge Management System.
I have not had the opportunity to implement this idea in a rural developing environment. Though I do believe it is a good idea. I have implemented smaller parts of the idea in my local community through citizen engagement and working with our local middle school.