Friday, October 27, 2006

iLearn 2.0

I’ve been put back into a focus upon technology and education. I’ve been so busy blogging about my critical technology that I haven’t had much time to blog on the subject of technology and education. I have been asked to be a reseach associate for a project where we are looking at teaching music (the fiddle to be precise) online. A very interesting project where we have a very active and innovative high school teacher who loves to use technology to teach. He really doesn’t have much choice as his students are spread all around the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. I’ll be watching what he does and make suggestions to the lead researchers and they will make the call if they introduce my ideas to him, as they don’t wan’t to disrupt his processes. So here are my thoughts after leaving his talk from Wednesday 25th of November;
  • It really is about community building - how do we take a group of students and turn them into a community of learners who support one another in their learning?
  • ePortfolios really are under utilized. I look forward to the day where ePortfolios become a significant part of assessment.
  • Building something
    together is really a great way to learn. When you play misic it is a collaborative effort, learning should be the same.
  • To what extent do we use rich media as a learning tool? is it under utilized?
  • Community Learning Centers (CLC) are going to be a way station for learners. Soon the business model for the CLC will be sustainable.
  • I’ve heard a lot these days that students
    don’t like to read, particularly males. What I like about what I am hearing is that it isn’t that they should be expected to read. We need to change our methods to not be so dependent on reading. It should be more balanced; reading, video, audio, play, creation, painting, physical, etc, etc, etc…
  • What really is participatory video? Is there such a thing as participatory audio?
  • Does groove fit here? Groove networks has always been an interesting tool. Though, It’s not Open Source. And this needs to be Open Source. For many reasons, to many for this single post.
  • I definately think we need a bliki. We need to build a community wiki and have all the participants blog on how they got the the completed wiki entry.
  • It’s time for me to get back into working on the Mac platform. What participatory features does garage band have? Could the students collaborate on a piece of music online?
  • I need to revisit the features of drupal. Could you create a mySpaces for a learning community?
  • Funny thing is all this leads back to a Community Knowledge Management System (CKMS)