Thursday, February 26, 2009

Island based high-density village references please

Over the last few months I have become increasingly drawn into this CRC discussion. The one thing that has made the most sense is; to inform myself. I've read through much of the three websites of;
I also created a custom google search engine and pointed it at these three sites. This search engine can be found on this blog.

The one thing I am trying to find information is research, reference or case studies about successful high-density eco-villages on ISLAND environments. So far I have found none in any of these three websites, I could have missed something. As I expanded my search to the internet and architectural, social planning, human geography references I found very little on this subject. What I did find was references to building upon what you already have. Nothing on creating NEW villages. And when I looked at the village concept it pointed toward FIRST building density at the islands port (in our case, snug cove) and secondary or tertiary villages at major crossroads. This also seems to be the most natural and proven approach to densification of islands.

What I am looking for is the references that people are using in regards to building high-density sustainable villages on ISLANDS. I believe our being an island is a important factor in deciding the location of such eco-villages.