Monday, March 09, 2009

A farm for the future

Particularly in the west, we've created a way of life that is fundamentally unsustainable. It is becoming increasingly evident that we are going to have to quickly change from using past sunlight (oil reserves) to using current sunlight. This will be a huge (HUGE) change in how we do things. This BBC two produced documentary is a good look to where things will have to go.

The way forward could follow permaculture approaches. This is a food growing system based on natural ecology. As time passes through the next century the human species will likely move toward re-ruralization and increasing percentages of the population will needs the skills and knowledge to utilize permaculture or like approaches to food production. What role are you going to fill?


Leigh Blackall said...

Past sunlight - gone. Future sunlight - gone (all eaten up in credit). Present sunlight... gone too considering credit.

Peter Rawsthorne said...

Leigh, how right you are. When is our species going to start living in the present. We seem to think it is OK to borrow from the future. Regardless if it is $$$ or carbon or sunlight. Who pays future debts? A: Our children.

Leigh Blackall said...

well, thinking present mindedly.. our children will be born into it and so won't really know anything else. We all drink bottled water without giving it a second thought! So too for them it will just be life. We will be alive though, like our parents and grandparents. We will clasp hands in anguish as we watch it all undo. And we will be perplexed at how they chose to live their lives in what we made for them. Only our writing will remind them of something if they even wonder to read. We will pay, in some way or another. It will probably be as neglected old people not worth spitting on, and we only have ourselves to blaim.

Helen said...

Hi Peter, I do know some members of our species who are starting to try to live in the present, an expat of your fine country no less. Jack Santa Barbara. He left Canada a year ago to help start an eco-village here in NZ called Atamai.

Indeed you yourself sound like a Homo sapien who understands there has to be a better way to live and is trying to do so. So... I guess those of us who for whatever reason seem to hear natures cry need to act. I know we are all enmeshed by the web of modern living and it is hard to free ourselves, but if enough of us do it..... go to Land of the Long White Cloud to find out what some people in NZ are trying to do. Maybe little enclaves of 'enlightened' humans may save our species. And Leigh, we do not ALL drink bottled water without giving it a second thought, when did you become so defeatist?