Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspired Buccaneer Scholar

As a self-directed adult learner it is hard to ignore the work of the buccaneer scholar. When I think of the number of people who struggle to fit within the traditional school system, and those wanting to continue learning outside of the traditional institutions, the buccaneer scholar can be an inspiration. What I find most inspiring is his self confession of how he dropped out of school and took responsibility for his own learning. You can read all about James Marcus Bach on his website.

What I also find particularly interesting about his approach is how he brings playfulness and being competitive to his learning. And how he stretches the realm and references when trying to answer questions for himself. He seems not to restrain himself when it comes to staying within a domain of knowledge. I consider James an inspired adult learner who is using the Internet blended with new media and traditional approaches to enhance and deepen his learning.