Monday, April 04, 2011

Rackspace Step 2: Securing the new server

The first step in setting up the new server should always be securing the server the best you can before you continue. An overview of this process can be found in the following video by Chad Keck.

A step-by-step description of this process can also be found on the Rackspace Cloud Server Knowledge Base. In summary the process of securing the new Ubuntu server included the following main steps (I've included a few links for your reading, particularly for configuring ssh and the firewall);
  1. Give the root account a new password
  2. Create a new administrator account and give it the correct permissions
  3. Update Ubuntu
  4. Lock down SSH connectivity
  5. Firewall configuration
  6. Configure Ubuntu to reload these new configuration when it reboots
  7. Set the local timezone
Now is a good time to test out all this new configuration. Reboot your server from within the rackspace management console and then login with your ssh client and test only the new account gains access. Also, once logged in check the timezone is correct.

If all is good it would also be a good time to backup the server so you have a secured image to restore from as you continue down setting up the server.