Saturday, May 14, 2011

the value of reflective activities

Voxy published a good infographic on the use of mobile technology within learning. The infographic explores the use of mobile technology in learning with focus on mobile adoption by "digital natives", and how mobile technology could be used in modern learning. What really jumped out of this post is the value of using reflective activities to deepen learning. At the end of this post are some good questions as reflective activities meant to deepen learning, I would consider the answering of these questions in writing a really good example of writing as a reflective activity. Blogging is an excellent reflective activity and a good activity to engage when learning. If you are an inspired adult learner I would strongly recommend blogging as a regular practice. When you find yourself interested in a subject, start building up references using a tagging tool like delicious, read a lot, start writing a blog post. You don't need to publish the post right away, rework the post, deepen the references, continue to add to and edit the post. Be reflective. Once the post is ready, publish. At any given time you can have a number of posts in different states of completeness. These activities will deepen your learning. enjoy.