Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Learning Architect

Clive Shepherd gets it! What he is speaking of is closely aligned with my idea of a Learning Systems Architect from a while back. I would say the difference between the two is my role is more technical. I really need to read the book if I am get a complete sense of Clive's Learning Architect. From what I have read so far by browsing his companies site, reviewing his new books index, and listening to the embedded video the Learning Architect designs the pedagogical approaches and recommends the technology platforms to best support the learning. The Learning Systems Architect I speak of works with Subject Matter Experts to design the pedagogical approaches and implements (builds if necessary) the technology platforms to best support the learning. I would see the Learning Architect and the Learning Systems Architect working back-to-back; where the Learning Architect is facing toward the learner and the Learning Systems Architect is facing toward the technology. Regardless of how you see things, if you are into adult education this is a good video to watch.

On a closing note, I really appreciate the way he classifies learning into four approaches; formal, non-formal, on-demand and experiential. The Learning Architect role can be read about in his new book, "The New Learning Architect". Even a browse through the index and what technologies fall into the four approaches can provide insight into learning in the near future. Thanks Clive!