Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Curriculum Envisioned for the OBI Developer

So I have taken it upon myself to build some learning resources for the Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI). The idea being that there is going to be a very large number of web developers wanting to deepen their understanding of the OBI. And onboarding all these developers is going to be a lot of work for Mozilla and the Open Badges team. So given my tenured technical background and my experience as an educator and instructional designer I figured the best way to help out is to develop some OER to assist the developers in learning the OBI.

My approach is to utilize an Agile Instructional Design approach and build some OER for the OBI. To start I have envisioned what the subject domain is about, have identified learning themes and the profile(s) of the learners engaging with these learning resources. All this comes in three (well four) posts, they are;
  1. The Open Badges Concept Map which defines the subject area from an introductory perspective.
  2. The Open Badges Learning Themes that will focus the OER module development.
  3. The Open Badges Learner Roles that identify the learner profiles so the resources are developed toward the right target audience.
  4. And the Open Badges Learning Plan which is my commitment to building the learning resources for the OBI.