Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ignite Learning labs

I need to start investigating a number of technologies for the Mozilla Ignite challenge... the eight technologies I will be looking at include;
  1. WebGL - Graphics Library
  2. WebRTC - Real-Time Communications

  3. I'm going to start with these above two technologies and move into these final six if the first two investigations prove successful. Success will be measured through the creation of learning resources to assist ignite candidates.

  4. OpenFlow - deploy innovative protocols
  5. Eucalptyus VM - Infrastructure as a Service
  6. Web Audio API - processing and synthesizing audio
  7. WebCL - Heterogeneous parallel computing
  8. Node.js / Websockets 
  9. Appcache and WebAPIs 
With support from Mozilla Developer Network I am going to be creating some learning resources to assist people who are considering the ignite challenge and need to begin learning about the technologies available within the challenge. Feel free to follow along my delicious tags, and I will be posting my progress with each technology as I go. Enjoy the ride...