Thursday, July 12, 2012

Open Badges Step 2.2: Technical Prerequisites - Technology Stack(s)

The second of three screencasts on the technical prerequisites for integrating with the Open Badges Infrastructure. In this screen cast I discuss the technology stack(s) required for each of the three roles of; issuer, earner, and displayer. This discussion is more of a logical view of the technologies you need. The idea being we are building on ideas from the non-technical perspective. Getting deeper into the technology will come in later screencasts.This screencast is a part of a step-by-step guide built to support the onboarding of the non-technical OBI implementer.

Reflective Activity: Why does the issuer require the most technology? Can the earner get away with having no technology beyond internet access and a facebook account? Can you think of a reason why a displayer would require more technology than the issuer?