Sunday, August 26, 2012

An introduction to Open Badges

Tuesday August 25th at 10 am EST and again at 8 pm EST I will be hanging out in Google+ and discussing Open Badges. I am going to use the following slide deck to prompt discussion. If you are new to open badges or want to listen in on an introductory discussion on open badges, message me. This hangout will also be live broadcast on YouTube and can be viewed via my Google+ profile.

You need to be in one of my Google+ circles to view the slides and engage in the discussion. So please go to my Google+ Profile and add me to a circle, I will reciprocate. Again, if you don't have an invite you can still watch along as each session will be broadcast via YouTube.

I have also added the audio track from the first Google+ Hangout to this slide deck. So if you have an hour of time please take a listen.Or just quickly take a view of the slide deck to get a sense of the session.