Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Webmaking and telling stories

Today we had our first webmaking session where we are developing the skills to create a documentary about community food production. On Bowen Island we have a week long event called BowFeast, the idea is you eat locally grown food wherever possible. It is an event that really brings the community together and celebrates all the gardens and people who grow their own food. This week of BowFeast also culminates in the farmers market.

Our first webmaking session was mostly a discussion of storytelling, citizen based journalism, interview techniques and the privacy issues around interview, photography and video. All good!

From a scaffolding perspective this first session was quite non-technical and really got into interviewing using a camera and the way to ask open questions, follow (and lead) a thread of discussion during the interview and how to close it all down and summarize, give thanks.

For further inspiration we all watched the popcornified video about urban farming in Oakland, California. This is a great video, for it tells a great story, provides a historical perspective and also investigates food production.