Saturday, May 04, 2013

Badge System Design for Communities

During the P2Pu community call it was suggested I tie the badge system design rubric more closely to communities (within which the badge has currency). Consider how the badge system represents skills, practices, participation, and habits of an existing community? How much does the community identify with the badge?

I believe this is a good suggestion and an excellent couple of questions. I took it on to deeply review the rubric and make adjustment to increase alignment with community based learning. Fortunately the adjustments required were small as the rubric had already considered community. The adjustments I did make made the rubric a better guide for individuals, communities, groups and institutions.

The vocabulary that ties the rubric to community;
I see it as very important that the rubric works well at guiding different individuals, groups, communities and organizations. I harvested some of the vocabulary associated with community and am grateful for this additional focus and increasing the rubrics ability to guide badge system design for communities.
  • attending an event, or participating in a community
  • encourage outstanding participation in community or event
  • people who have earned the full collection of badges are considered masters by their peers
  • earning one or many badges from within the system is considered an accomplishment by peers and community members
  • multiple learning, achievement or recognition contexts and applies well across communities, events, curriculum and cultures
  • it describes different learning, achievement or recognition approaches, associated tasks and outcomes
  • for accrediting a subject, community or event domain
  • endorsements from cross-industry / cross-subject organizations, communities and/or individuals
  • team requires strong community building, pedagogical, and/or curriculum development skills
The badge within the community;
I believe the two questions can be answered together; how does the community identify with the badge? and does the badge represent the skills, practices, participation and habits of the community?

These are questions best answered by the community itself. And the rubric is well aligned to help groups and communities ask and answer these questions. The rubrics purpose is the guide and prompt thinking about the badge system being designed. It is not used (though it can be) to evaluate existing badge systems.