Friday, February 24, 2017

Atlantic Canada IT Architects Inaugural Meeting

Let's get this started! My initial call to start an Atlantic Canada Association of IT Architects (ACAITA) has exceeded my expectations. It has become an association with 68 members and the inaugural meeting is happening 6 pm March 9th in Halifax. If you live in the Halifax area and are attracted to participating in a group who describes themselves as;
...people interested in the intersection of business and information technology. And how solution and enterprise architecture can bring stronger, more organized, technology to support and enable business goals and strategy. If your a business person, a technology architect, a web or mobile developer, a senior-level manager, an existing IT professional, a seasoned software developer, or a person with curiosity wanting to discuss the best ways to design and deploy information technology this group is for you.
ACAITA Inaugural Meeting:
Location: The Beer Market - 2nd Floor of the Lower Deck - 1887 Upper Water Street, Halifax
Date: 9th March 2017
Time: 6 pm - 10 pm
Hashtag: #ACAITA

Kickoff: 6:30ish

ACAITA Business
  1. Community Building - having good representation from all four Atlantic Provinces, How do we do this?
  2. How can members contribute to fulfill its goals or how this association can help individuals (members) to build their careers?
  3. What kind of other online presence ACAITA needs (outside of Linkedin)? This could be link back to our first agenda item.
Discussion Themes
  • The Business Value in IT Architecture - we need to attract attention outside of the architecture community and increase understanding of IT Architecture in general
  • The Roles of the IT Architect - What is an Architect? And what do they do? Related back to item 2, where is the business value.
I strongly believe we need to move around Atlantic Canada for our face to face meetings, for we have good distribution of our membership. We also need to keep things virtual so using social media will help greatly. Attach the hashtag #ACAITA to all you do.