Monday, February 13, 2017

Getting started with the ACAITA

This group is for people interested in the intersection of business and information technology. And how solution and enterprise architecture can bring stronger, more organized, technology to support and enable business goals and strategy. If your a business person, a technology architect, a web or mobile developer, a senior-level manager, an existing IT professional, a seasoned software developer, or a person with curiosity wanting to discuss the best ways to design and deploy information technology this group is for you.

The Atlantic Canada Association of IT Architects (ACAITA) is the leading forum for all professional IT Architects and Technology planners in Atlantic Canada.

Our Vision is to be a forum for excellence that will increase the awareness, effectiveness, and value of IT Architecture for practitioners and organizations.

Our Mission is to be a leading proponent of successful IT Architecture practices within Atlantic Canada.

Our primary goals are to: 
- Help our members build their careers as Information Technology Architects
- Provide a community for IT Architects in Atlantic Canada to share and collaborate
- Increase the maturity and awareness of IT Architecture in Atlantic Canada

Who Should Join?
o   Enterprise/Security/Data Architects
o   Computer Engineers/Scientists
o   IT/Network Managers
o   Network Designers/Architects
o   Program and Project Managers
o   Business Unit Managers
o   Solution Architects
o   Specialists/Analysts
o   System Engineers
o   Acquisition/Procurement Managers