Thursday, June 09, 2011

MUSIC 101: Ableton Live and the Pipe and Tabor

So I've been reflecting upon my learning of the pipe and tabor and how it has stalled in its progress. Not that I have stopped learning how to play the instrument for I believe my approach toward its mastery is also a big part of my learning. I have learned a number of important lessons, its just the lessons do not have me actually playing the instrument, what I have learned about is my approach to learning the instrument.

My lessons learned are as follows;
  1. I need feedback. I need to also train my ear and it is difficult without any actual musical reference.
  2. For me, learning the instrument is also in learning the songs, their melody, and lyrics (if available).
  3. I need a quiet place to practice that won't disturb the family
My deliberate practice;
  1. Get the Ableton based studio working with the new MIDI keyboard so I can listen to the songs on the piano, then play them on the pipe.
  2. Be able to record my practice so I can listen, get feedback and train my ear. 
  3. Use Abletone in Live mode where I could listen and play along, while also recording.
  4. Iterate between playing the music on the piano and then playing it on the pipe.
Next Steps;
  1. Finish configuring Ableton Live 8 to work with the new Oxygen 25 MIDI keyboard
  2. Become proficient with Live 8 to record my sessions and listen live to my iterations between piano and pipe
  3. Memorize the lyrics to "Go enlist for a sailor"
Learning Outcome(s);
  1. I will be able to use a Digital Audio Workstation (Ableton) to record and playback the playing of a pipe and tabor while alternating this play with the MIDI keyboard.
  2. I will be able to sing "Go enlist for a sailor" in its entirety (this does not mean I will be able to sing it well)