Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Deliberate Practice

After my reading of "Talent is Overrated" I will be including a deliberate practice approach to my learning of the pipe and tabor. I will bring a more deliberate practice to much more of what I do. For the time being a deliberate practice will have me reflecting upon my learning where I focus upon what is holding me back. Until I have a foundation which to build upon I need to create my broad and stable base for my musical study. Keep in mind I should be considered a beginner musician. Many of my coming posts will be the writings about this deliberate reflection. My reflections will include;
  1. recent lessons learned - a candid review of my most recent learnings
  2. the actual practices - where I believe I need the most practice
  3. next steps, and - what I am going to do to facilitate the practice
  4. learning outcome(s) - the specific outcome(s) of my learning