Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inspired Ableton Teacher

Drew Vespers came to my attention over a year ago as I began my Ableton Live journey. I signed up for our local Ableton group on facebook and started reading and listening. Vespers bubbled to the top as someone very engaged in using and teaching with Ableton Live. Yesterday I received an email from Vespers asking if I wanted to write a track with him? You bet I do, only my challenge is time. I still had a good look around his site and I realized just what an inspired learner (and teacher) he is. Drew is definitely what Curtis Bonk considers a supermentor.

What I consider particularly inspiring is how Drew uses the technology and publishing platforms to promote his work and engage learners. These are a few of the particular activities that push into supermentor.
  • Use of livestreaming with later download for personal review. This kind of video learning is very strong pedagogically.
  • Use of social media (facebook, g+, myspace, soundcloud, youtube, twitter). 
  • Use of blogging to share wisdom. 
  • Engagement with local communities. 
  • Teaching in traditional institutions. 
  • A practitioner of what he is teaching. 
And to think all these services are done a very little to no cost. Drew Vespers is an inspired learner (and teacher).