Friday, May 25, 2012

Open Education Conference 2012

Part of my learning journey in developing Agile Learner Design (ALD) is to engage others in my personal learning network. What a better way than to present at the Open Education Conference. I'd be flattered if I ended up being selected... but the attempt will only deepen my understanding and development of this much needed pedagogical approach.

Here are the details of my call for papers application:

Session Title:
Agile Learner Design

Short Abstract:
A pedagogical approach for the self-directed life-long learner to envision, plan, build and deploy their own curriculum.

Medium Length Description:
The people who build Open Educational Resources are also the people who create, and further develop, an expertise in the OERs subject domain. Agile Learner Design (ALD) leverages the idea that the instructional designers are often the ones who learn most from developing curriculum, not the students who consume it. At a time when self-directed life-long learning is becoming a recognized approach to personal learning and growth we require pedagogical approaches that develop the learners meta-cognitive abilities and provide a roadmap for these self-directed learners to develop and execute upon their own curriculum. ALD provides the pedagogical approaches to support self-directed life-long learners achieve their personal learning goals outside of (and within) the traditional institutions. This presentation will explore the breadth and depth of ALD as it has developed over the last seven years.

Conference Theme:
Open Educational Resources

Session Type: 
45 minute presentation