Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Educational Technologist


Clint Lalonde said...

Finally something to point people to when they ask what I do :). This matches up quite nicely with a definition of an Educational Technologist that i found in a paper a few years ago:

""The specialist would understand the fundamentals of information and communication theories and their relation to theories of both learning and teaching. An understanding of educational theory and practice would enable him or her to make decisions about what is educationally desirable. A sound grounding in media and cultural studies would provide a context for information in society and the ways it is communicated. He or she would also understand the fundamentals of computer science, would know something of the design of educational multimedia and virtual learning environments and the types of educational transaction they support."

Dillon, P. (2004). TRAJECTORIES AND TENSIONS IN THE THEORY OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION. British Journal of Educational Studies, 52(2), 138-150. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8527.2004.00259.x.

Peter Rawsthorne said...

Thanks Clint. Great definition!

I've recently been following the work of Audrey Watters and Greg Wilson. They are looking at the EdTech role in practice along with the theoretical fundamentals, all good;

I have always believed it was the many different knowledge domains required to be a good educational technologist is what attracted me to the role. I still make a lion-share of my living as an IT architect, and whenever an architect role is available in education I jump at it. I struggle, I don't know if I like the pedagogical side or the technology side of the role better.