Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Technology won’t be proprietary

The rate of technology change is staggering. It’s faster now than it’s ever been. The internet is becoming a utility like our electricity, water works, roads, etc. It’s readying itself for it’s teen years. And you think it’s being a toddler was exciting. Just you wait. OpenSource will become mainstream popular. Keep in mind OpenSource will still only be a teen and in the beginning of its teens at that. What will be really interesting is when OpenSource discovers its place in about five to seven years, just as it becomes an adult. All this technology advancement will force more and more technology infrastructure into becoming utility. It happened to the backbone, it’s happened to TCP/IP, it’s happening to the net, now we are jumping up a level. Applications are also becoming utility; gmailthunderbird,firefox. The next major step will be identity management and the infrastructure to keep all things personal. This is where OpenSource will begin to make it’s presence felt. People will not want their identity management to be held by anything proprietary. So people will elect something closer to an OpenSource model. What that is, I don’t know. What I do know is the utility applications infrastructure will become a part of our everyday life, like roads and electricty, and it will not be proprietary nor will it be pure OpenSource.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

VB, Refactoring & .NET

So as I settle into my new job I am looking into many things. Mostly focused on continuous improvement, the SDLC process, having set iterations (heartbeat) and deeper quality. Given the bulk of the server code is in VB6 I’ve been searching for artifacts to assist in the inevitable move to .NET. I came across this great refactoring description for VB. Enjoy…