Monday, November 13, 2006

Odeo Setup

I’ve created a document describing the odeo ( set up process. I believe it to be a good read. If you want to read this document just follow the link.

A book by the same name

I've run across a book by the name 'Critical Technology'. It seems to be in the same subject area as this blog so I felt it was a good idea to make reference.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Resources can also be free

Another approach to having storage capacity is to use free Web 2.0 capacity. To do this I will use odeo to host the sound files and bloglines to aggretate all the RSS feeds set up by odeo. This setup process is described in this one page document.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Indigenous Knowledge is paramount

I've been a Canadian for over 40 years, and I have often heard, via the popular news services, of the strife and horrors occuring in Haiti. This 53 second video from YouTube is the first time I've had an insight into why Haiti suffers as it does... It certainly gets me thinking about the value of YouTube and similar services. It also makes me realize that these type of services are breaking down the intermediary of the news networks.

This video also provides a sample of indigenous knowledge. I'm assuming Louis-Henri is Haitian, and that he is working with his internal indigenous knowledge to work toward solutions.

Circles of Change

This is an example of what I would see in a CKMS. It captures a community level activity and provides a learning activity. It is grassroots and driven by the members of the community. Think of the possibilities of having a CKMS within this communtity. Those so inclined would use digital technology to create videos, capture stories, record community events and store them on the CKMS. These stories would be availabe over the communities wireless network.
Where is the computer hardware going to come from? see Computer Aid International
Where is the wireless network going to come from? see Wireless Network in the Developing World
Where is the software going to come from? see Free and Open Source Software at the United Nations