Thursday, October 24, 2013

A call to others and my 5 professional personas

Atlantic Canada
The call: if you are interested in collaborating with the growth of the Atlantic Canada IT architecture community, please reach-out to me. I look forward to connecting with others who are already building Atlantic Canada's IT community. Let's build Atlantic Canada into one of the planets best places to bring technology projects!

A little about me and my current professional focus: (I hope this encourages you to connect)
As my journey to settling in as an exemplary IT professional in St. John's NL continues, I find my focus deepens in how I can best assist the Atlantic Canada IT sector. As I continue to utilize my experience within enterprise environments and in management and team lead positions, I believe my hands-on technical skills are where I can be of best assistance. Where I used to see my technical skills as a part of my enterprise architect toolkit, I am flipping this around to see my enterprise skills as a part of my database designer / technical lead / project manager toolkit. In other words, I can provide great assistance with the technical side of getting projects finished and if you need some strategic or enterprise assistance I can also help out within that capacity. The five main roles I can see myself most effective, are as follows;
  1. Database Administrator / Data Architect with 20 years experience in database design, implementation and administration.
  2. Solution Architect / Senior Software Developer with considerable industry experience in Microsoft Technologies, Open Source, and their integration.
  3. Technical and Team Lead with experience leading small to medium size teams to on-time on-budget, within technically challenging projects.
  4. Project Manager / Manager of IT with experience in managing all attributes of IT focused multi-stakeholder projects.
  5. Faculty and Online Educator with 15 years part-time experience teaching in colleges and universities. My teaching role has included online, face-to-face, and blended approaches. My work as a teacher has also included being the instructional designer for many online courses.
My next steps are to continue to provide exemplary IT consulting services while focusing on assisting the growth of the technology architecture community within Atlantic Canada.