Thursday, July 05, 2018

Seeking New Opportunities

Veteran technology professional seeking new opportunities. If you are requiring 35 years of career success in the software technology realm that spans startups through to large enterprise environments, then I'm your guy!

I have tonnes of experience and I can hit the ground running. I can work as a senior project manager, an enterprise solution architect, as a scrum master and build a team focused with agile approaches, I can design databases and related structures for your business analytic projects, and I can own your Business Intelligence initiative. I can provide strong, and proven, leadership. And if need be I can occupy the technical director level. You will find I provide great business benefit and good value, my experience provides the ability to save you more than I would cost.

A history of project success
I'm back to consulting in the technology realm. Being a technology consultant has provided my clients, and myself, many project successes. These successes have been both with technology startups and with medium to large business environments. For more details describing some of my project successes please read these two posts describing projects I have managed and provided technical leadership over the last decade;

Increasing Access to Education - this collection of eight projects helped CLEBC become one of the globes premier legal educators.
Career success in three year cycles - These four major corporate initiatives leveraged all my abilities to help PAL into their next level of technology capability and realized business value.
Where I can help the most
I can have an immediate positive impact to any technology initiative within large and small organizations. This success can come with startups and enterprise environments, or something new that can leverage my skills, knowledge, and experience.

There are five roles to where I can bring the greatest immediate business value;
  1. Enterprise and Solution Architecture - The solution side of designing technical architecture has most often been my preferred role within a software development initiative. I've done this for small startups and large enterprises. Good solution architecture creates a better technical solution that saves development costs, improves quality, and ensures alignment with business needs and the other technologies within the business ecosystem.
  2. Senior Project Management and/or Managing a Software Development Teams - Through time I have managed many projects with software development teams varying in size from 3 to 30. I have proven track record of bringing projects to completion on-time and on-budget. I seriously enjoy assisting a team of technical people to ship software.
  3. Data Analytics Project (Architecture and Team Management) - The B.Tech undergrad degree I completed in the 80's was focused on database management. And since that time my career has had data as its foundation. I do very well with data management [including the design of data structures and related communications (read API's)]. I can also work well within big data projects as my experience with big data goes back to the 1980's. Read one of my big data posts from a few years back to get a sense of this capability; Big Data; Similarities and Differences.
  4. Technical Mentorship - I'm an educator and have experienced many startups during my time in Vancouver. If you want to discuss the technical side, the team management side, and/or the development methodology to an innovation project (startup or otherwise) I can help here.
  5. Innovation - Many times in my career I have taken business strategy and made it happen. If you have a business strategy that requires software innovation I can make it tactical and implement. 
I'm willing to travel
A single flight from St. John's Newfoundland is my preference. I would also be very interested in consulting work in Vancouver (my home town). I have family there and could easily have all the amenities I require for extended working stays. In a previous blog post I describe how I consider the size of the St. John's marketplace to be 40 million people. I also need to consider the St. John's market to be a single flight away as I seek out new challenges and opportunities. My list of cities I will immediately consider consulting opportunities, include;
  1. Halifax: it's a morning flight away, and can be there and back including a full days work. I'd also stay for a few days if required.
  2. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal: single 3 hour flight, couple of days then return home for remote working
  3. Vancouver: longer stays and longer aways... I have family in Vancouver, so it would be a very nice approach to working.
  4. London, England: An outlier, but... It would be nice to work in the EU and I have a British passport so it would ease my travel and work permitting.
One personal constraint
To be succinct, I require work-life balance... mostly it is about having time to care for middle-school age children and aging parents. This means I am available part-time or full-time with loads of schedule flexibility.