Monday, February 21, 2011

Networked and Open PhD (#nophd)

So I've committed to using "nophd" as my hashtag rather than "onphd".
Why? for a number of reasons;
  1. NoPhD has a better likelihood of becoming a meme than OnPhD.
  2. What I am doing is thumbing my nose at the PhD. Because I believe it is no longer relevant for the adult life-long learner. Particularly, given I have no intention of becoming an academic.
  3. What I am doing is No PhD, because I see the PhD as an academic brand.
  4. In this endeavour I believe the Networked part is much more important that the Open part. So the N should come before the O.
  5. I like the humorous side of calling it a NoPhD, even though it means Networked and Open.
  6. I'm doing this because I want to serve as an example (maybe even an inspiration). I want to show how a person using many corners of the available technology and pedagogical approaches can deepen their knowing in a chosen subject area. I want to become a case study in developing a PhD level of understanding in the open while drawing on my network and collaborating with others with similar interests. I also want to help others do the same. I don't want No stinkin' PhD!