Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pipe and Tabor

So my first steps toward "nophd" begin. I have ordered a couple of pipes from the taborers society. And I have purchased a couple of books from Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments.

I also have a recently burned CD of our Morris sides popular music and I will be loading this into my Ableton live based studio. Here I will begin to record my musical learning, I will record my first attempt at playing the pipe so we have a baseline to my progress.

I have also joined the Pipe and Tabor group on facebook, and this already seems to be connecting me to my new learning network. All good!


BOC said...

I never would have guessed. Good on ya, Peter

Peter Rawsthorne said...

Thanks Brad, we missed you at last nights black sheep 10th anniversary fish dinner. Jim prepared an outstanding bouillabaisse and we had the whistles, bodhráns, bass and ewgly stick going. Also sang one or two songs... all good!

Leigh Blackall said...

I wanted you to build small boats.. but music it is. Love the new tag "nophd" perfect.

Peter Rawsthorne said...

Oh the boat building will come! Pipe and Tabor is much more portable and also aligns well with the age of the kids... Need more music in the family! Once kids are five years older we build the workshop at this location,
then we build boats... Kids need broad set skills for success!