Friday, February 25, 2011

Networked and Open also means Collaborative

This is what the Networked and Open PhD (NOPhD) is all about. It is about working with others in an open and collaborative way so everyone deepens their knowledge on a shared subject domain. The great part would be if everyone who is in the collaborative cohort aspired to develop a PhD level of knowing within the subject they share a passion. Due to the networked (and collaborative) aspect of the NOPhD I believe a number of people in the cohort need to make it to the PhD depth of knowing, otherwise it couldn't be considered networked. So I have faith and begin to encourage (and hopefully inspire) the people around me (virtually and otherwise) who are interested in this pursuit of developing a deeper knowing of Folk Music and Dance. And those interested in pedagogy, technology and life-long learning; for I will be drawing on these skills and knowledge as I build upon this anchor subject.

So what exactly does this look like? Well why don't I describe my week and how certain events fit into the networked and collaborative;
  1. On February 24th I committed to Folk Music and Dance as the anchor subject for my "nophd". This decision was assisted by my network.
  2. I did some searches on the history of Morris dance and the instruments used, I knew of and was looking for a whistle type instrument played in one hand. I discovered the pipe and tabor was what I had been looking for. I found few sites and ordered some pipes and some books. During these transactions I made contacts, exchanged emails and have added a couple more people to my network directly involved with my chosen subject area. They offered assistance if I request.
  3. I also found a couple of groups online, including one in facebook. So I asked a couple of questions and already have replies. It was even suggested that I start with learning Good King Wenceslas. So once I get the scales down and am feeling comfortable with the fingering I will start with this song. I need to trust the suggestions of my network.
  4. I also had an email exchange with the whistle blower in our Morris side and he is jazzed about having a pipe and tabor in the group and is also interested in learning the instrument.
After discussion it would seem I can adjust flute scores to the pipe.

So there you have it. Five days after committing to Folk Music and Dance as the anchor subject for my Networked and Open PhD I already have begun engaging three people in my new online learning community and have made face to face contact with another who is interested in my journey. Ahhh... self directed and collaborative learning at its best.