Friday, March 12, 2021

Data Challenge Panel Session: The Power of data

I listened in on this presentation about the power of data. In particular, having Susan Hunt from Canada's Ocean Supercluster as one of the presenters. All the presenters had very valuable insights. It was an hour well spent!

The Session: The Power of data

Description: Come learn with us. Our panel guests are engaged in transformational data products and projects. Together, we’ll learn what opportunities they are creating when using the newest technology to exploit the power of data. And we’ll talk about careers. The opportunities are limitless.

Moderator: Cathy Simpson | Chief Executive Officer, TechImpact Panelists: Susan Hunt | Chief Technical Officer, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Justin Kamerman | Chief Product Officer, Instnt Inc. Jason Lee | Partner, MNP Technology Solutions

Items for my follow-up:

A number of subjects sparked my interest from the presenters discussions. I believe these are the three that need follow-up from the current ODE perspective:

  • Building Models for Data, or transforming Data for Models
  • What is the business case for the datalab / data workbench?
  • What is the current state of DataOps?