Tuesday, March 23, 2021

It's Alive! The Elastic Stack as our Data Lab

So much technical work, so little time! I finished my first three sprints toward standing up the data lab. Standing up infrastructure from scratch so you have clean new compute power is fun, and also a lot of work. Particularly when you include; doing it right, taking no short cuts, and making sure it is secure.

Sprint 0: Setup Ubuntu 20.04 Server with ELK stack.

This was mostly rehydrating virtual server infrastructure I hadn't used in 8.5 years. It needed an upgrade from all perspectives and had a completely new OS. I implemented the ELK stack and made a couple of security changes to lock it all down. I ran a few tests by setting up a couple of websites, getting the JSON confirmation from ElasticSearch, and called up the Kibana dashboard. Oooo... sweet success!

Sprint 1: Vulnerability Assessment. Security changes if required.

This evening I spent some time poking at the overall vulnerability of the server and with the ElasticSearch and Kibana services. I made a few additions and changes for further locking down the services and believe they are as secure as they can be for this first release. Very happy to feel reasonably confident about it's being locked down. Maybe, I'll get lucky and get some free PEN testing. ha.

Sprint 2: Identify and register some well aligned domain names.

I registered the following domain names, even considered buying one... it would have been too expensive. I'll implement the data lab on the oceansofdatalab.com site when it becomes closer to being a minimal viable product (MVP).

  • oceansofdatalab.com
  • oceansofdatalab.org
  • oceansofdatalab.net
  • oceansofdata.net
  • sevenseasofdata.com
  • sevenseasofdata.org