Friday, March 12, 2021

Peter, we need to integrate data more easily.

I liked this article on Fundamental truths when it comes to innovators. I do think Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have figured out how to be crazy successful in business. I do wish they were more philanthropic with the monies they have accumulated from their success. I digress...

I like the idea of a fundamental truth as a foundation for your business that doesn't change through time. And when I think about my commitment to build a data services business, I have now started to think about what would be the fundamental truths?

  1. We need to access and integrate data more easily.
  2. We need better ways to visualize, communicate, and understand, the data.
  3. We would like to reduce the compute and storage costs of data.
These are what I came up with through my review of my initial thinking of fundamental truths. I know there will be a few more and these three will be edited as my idea grows and gets greater footing.