Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open Badges Concept Map

  • Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI) - the OBI is the technology platform which hosts the important aspects of the badges out on the internet. This github wiki page has a really good diagram of the OBI.
  • digital badge - the digital badge is the online equivalent of the traditional badge for achievement. Think girl or boy scout badges. You prove mastery of something, you get a badge.
  • digital backpack - the digital backpack is like the sash for the scout badges. It serves as an online place to store, manage and organize your badges.
  • baking - baking allows every badge to also include information about the badge, beyond the graphical design of the badge. The baking also creates digital integrity "baked" into the badge
  • issued - badges are issued by a group, institution, master, supermentor, online university, learning community, etc. Any organization who has skills and knowledge they want others to possess can issue badges. These organizations / communities should be considered badge issuers.
  • displayed - badges can be displayed separately from the issuer. Online references can be made to badges in a backpack and they displayed. Facebook or LinkedIn can be displayers.
  • earned - badges can be earned by learners. An issuer will create, or be associated with, learning environments and once a learner has demonstrated competencies they can earn badges.
  • asserted - the validity / integrity of badges can be asserted against a badge "authority". The main idea being; is the badge for real? does it link back to a solid set of curriculum? is the issuer valid? did the person really earn this badge? It is these kind of integrity checks that are derived from a badge assertion. More on this later...
  • png files - the graphical images of badges are png files.
  • json metadata - is data about the badge that can be stored as part of the actual badge. This links back to the baking of a badge.
  • node.js - is the software system that open badges has been built
  • mysql - is the database used for open badges
  • github - is the software management and developer community platform for open badges.
If you want a more detailed listing of concepts and keywords associated with open badges I suggest you review this page on the mozilla wiki; https://wiki.mozilla.org/Badges/infrastructure-tech-docs