Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making a badge

With my next step of implementing the OBI I needed to create my own badge. I wanted it to be original (make it myself), follow my badge coloring system, use open resources, and be associated with the wikiversity course I am building. All of this is possible by using GIMP, learning about gimp on youtube, and finding some open resources.One nice item I stumbled across is the NounProject which started back in December of 2010 as a kickstarter project. This project provides an opensource collection of symbols. All good for badges. I found myself a couple of symbols I could use across my badge taxonomy. I also found a couple of good youtube tutorials on how the use gimp to create badges. I watched a few and the ones I felt were the best I have embedded here. One for creating a badge and the other for creating text around a circle. Combined they provide a good couple lessons on how to create a badge. And adding the nounproject symbol is a simple drag and drop. All good, and oh so much fun...

Create a badge with Gimp

Semi-circular text with Gimp

Even though it is fairly easy to create your own badges, it is a really good idea to engage a proven designer. With the emerging badge economy and the benefits to promote your brand (institutional or otherwise) that will be available through badges, the designer could be of great benefit.

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