Saturday, June 23, 2012

Open Badges Step 0.3: A first look at open badges JSON

In this screencast I take a first look at the json message for issuing a badge. Given the open badges dependency on messaging this is the first look at the messages required to implement open badges. Keep in mind that as the OBI matures and the partner network increases, there will be a growing number of software applications that will implement this messaging. In the near future the technical understanding of the messaging will be the domain of the software developers. Understanding the messaging and its attributes will assist greatly in your open badges implementations. This screencast is a part of the Introduction to Open Badges Step by Step guide. The main theme of this screencast is a review of three blog posts which look into manually issuing a badge;
  1. a technical look at some existing learning resources
  2. an investigation into the criteria and evidence attributes
  3. a completed manual badge implementation

Reflective activity: Think about how you would create the criteria for a badge, and how someone would provide evidence to be awarded the badge.