Thursday, July 12, 2012

Open Badges Step 2.3: Technical Prerequisites - Server Infrastructure

The last of three screencasts on the technical prerequisites for integrating with the Open Badges Infrastructure. In this screen cast I discuss the server infrastructure required for each of the three roles of; issuer, earner, and displayer. I mostly spend my time describing the server needs of the issuer, where the displayer is quite similar to the issuer, especially if it becomes a fat displayer. And by fat I mean it offers a lot of displayer services related to badges and their earners. Again, the earner requires the least infrastructure, but can require more if we begin down the road of federated backpacks. More on the federated backpack in a later screencast.This screencast is a part of a step-by-step guide built to support the onboarding of the non-technical OBI implementer.

Reflective Activity: If the server infrastructure for the issuer is mostly about storing and managing earner, evidence, criteria and badge information, what information needs to be stored and managed by the displayer? Compare and contrast the server infrastructure needs of the issuer and the displayer.