Sunday, April 21, 2013

The OnPhD Candidacy Badge System

If you want to earn the OnPhD Candidacy Badge you need to be awarded the following seven micro-badges. Each of these micro-badges are awarded for completing a task within the OnPhD candidacy challenge. All of these badges, with the exception of the Candidate badge, are hosted at the credly site and can be issued by anyone who has already earned the badge. Provided below is a copy of the badge image and the title, description and link to the related tasks from the P2Pu site.

1. Describe your learning history - This is a cumulative description of all the works (formal and informal) you have completed to be considered toward your candidacy for an ONPhD.
2. Identify your domain of study - View and Discuss The described domain of study should be both broad and focused. This is to allow others to get a sense of both the knowledge domain and your focus.
3. Detail your contribution - What of considerable significance are you going to contribute to your chosen subject domain of knowledge?
4. Methodology - Completion of a PhD requires a significant reseach project or major contribution to your chosen knowledge domain.
5. Skills and Knowledge Development - Completion of a PhD level of knowing also requires the development of other related skills and knowledge.
6. Engage the community - How are you going to engage the learning community and your learning network.
7. Seek supervision and endorsements - Identify the people in your learning network who are going to assist on your learning journey and help you get to finished.