Thursday, December 05, 2013

ACAITA Next Steps

Inaugural meeting of the ACAITA started with humble beginnings. I found myself in the Georgetown Pub all alone... Seriously, for a couple of minutes I was in the Pub all alone, even the bar maid went out for a smoke!

This free time being alone provided me an opportunity to reflect upon some of the amazing feedback I have received in starting an IT focused Architectural Association in Atlantic Canada. Here is a brief summary;
  • Have daytime meetings... Atlantic Canada IT professionals are much more likely to participate in professional type events during the day.
  • Don't start an association in December... The Atlantic Canadians are focused on family and December is a month of family and friends.
  • Use online tools like Google Hangouts more frequently... people are interested in participating, getting together face-to-face creates a huge barrier. Particularly for those who don't live downtown St. John's.
  • Be patient, people express interest... but actually getting them out to participate is difficult.
  • Some people are willing to put in considerable effort in supporting this idea. They will make introductions and reach out with very relevant resources. 
  • I have had 14 serious inquiries from three of four Atlantic Provinces and the traffic coming into my blog posts on the idea is well over 400 views.
Even though I am alone in the Georgetown Pub, I am still very encouraged by the interest I have had in the idea...

Next Steps;

  1. Continue to build community.
  2. Have face-to-face meetings downtown during the day.
  3. Prepare for online hangouts. Consider having themes with speakers.
  4. Reach-back to experts offering assistance.
  5. Keep the vision, hold the space!