Friday, April 09, 2021

The Leanstack Way

The Oceans of Data Lab is honored to be a part of PropelICT's startup accelerator. We had our kickoff meeting a few days ago and the current focus is on learning the Leanstack methodology and using lean canvas to tease out ALL the important details for success. The inline supporting learning modules that are available through leanstack are very helpful. 

The Lean Canvas - numbers indicate the order of completion

I feel fortunate that I have been familiar with Agile and Lean approaches for over 20 years. I've got two favorite sayings I use when running software teams, and I like to think I run many aspects of my life with an Agile / Lean mindset.

  1. Ship and ship often (deliver new releases as often and frequently as possible)
  2. Fail and fail often (take risks, innovate, don't apologize, keep moving), success comes from failure.

For me the use of Lean in startups all began with Eric Ries when I watched a YouTube interview of Eric conducted a decade ago. This interview became a part of a 2011 blog post where I describe lean approaches within the Director of Technology role. Since this time I have revisited the works of Eric Ries every few years, he has a lot of useful insights to lean startups. One of my all time favorites in the talk he gave at Google 10 years back.

Google Talk: Eric Ries and the Lean Startup