Saturday, January 29, 2011

7 releases in the next 8 months

2011 is going to be a significant year for my consulting practice. About 10 years ago I made the conscious decision to complete a Masters of Education in Information Technology. I really wanted to bring together my software development career with my teaching career. I really wanted to shift my living to building educational technology and create educational content. I really think this year is going to be an accumulation of that decision, and that really excites me. I believe I need to cerebrate! I will celebrate each accomplishment as it is completed. And when I say completed, it has gone live on the internet and is available for consumption.

The first of these releases is a project that started late in 2009. I was asked to come in and assist with the initial design, architecture and partner selection for a peer based video assessment site for language learners. So, one year later the site goes live and I believe we have done something quite innovative when it comes to peer based mentorship and creating a community of practice platform. I believe the innovation is mostly around the use of video within the site and within the peer-mentorship practice. This is a beautiful site focused on professional development of teachers, put together for AIM language Learning and built by AppNovation Technologies. As a further endorsement of my work and now the site is going live I have been asked to do follow-up work to assess the depth of learning and value proposition being provided by the site. This is exactly the kind of work I was hoping to achieve when I brought my technology back-ground together with my love of learning.