Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marlboro Morris Ale

I spent the weekend dancing and playing music. I am a Border Morris dancer and will musically participate as a percussionist whenever the opportunity arises. The dancing was in six and eight person dances with the occasional mass dance (that's everyone dancing), the music participation was with playing an ugly stick. All this took place at the Marlboro Morris Ale. It was an amazing weekend.

What stood out for me most was;
  1. The fantastic dancing from the youth at the ale
  2. That we danced at a number of care facilities
  3. The amazing meals, coordination and logistics
  4. The quality of singing during the open pub nights and during the day
  5. Singing "Pinball Wizard" as a shanty
  6. Having some "I'll enlist for a sailor" jig lessons
  7. Hanging out with some great friends and making new ones