Friday, August 03, 2012

1/2 finished posts have been chosen

A month back I was musing about my > 20 half-finished blog posts, I decided to put it out to vote. After three weeks the poll was closed and my next few posts have been chosen. The immediate blogging with cover the following six posts; with injected posts from my work with open badges, building online learning communities, popcorn.js, and other pedagogical subjects I am inspired to write about. The poll results can be found within the original post, and my next few posts will include;
  1. Computer Science taught as an art (33% voters)
  2. Learning is Knowledge Management (33% voters)
  3. Traditionalists, Reformers and Outliers (28% voters)
  4. Not everyone is social (28% voters)
  5. Learning Platforms for People (28% voters)
  6. Using smart phones within a connectivist approach (28% voters)
As of the poll closing day, 21 of 204 viewers voted. And the final results were different than those a week after the poll had opened.